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Server administration

Round-the-clock server, workstations, databases and other services monitoring
  • 24/7/365 online technical support
  • 24/7/365 server monitoring
  • 5-15 min. response time guarantee for alerts
  • 5 min. response guarantee for emergency tickets
  • 30 min. response time guarantee for standard requests

Optimal Server Configuration
  • Initial server install (if you have a new server we will configure it from the scratch)
  • High-load software optimization
  • Install of the required standardized software
  • Install of any non-standard software at your request and at your own risk
  • Assistance in the migration of servers on one hosting provider’s platform as well as cross-platform migrations (between different providers)
  • Professional OS kernel configuration for any specific needs

Data Protection
  • Configuring backup of your data
  • Deploying backup at your request
Server Security
  • Standard server security setup.
  • Restoration of a hacked or compromised server. We will not only restore a server but will secure it to avoid such incidents in the future.
  • A number of services can be extended or modified depending on your needs.

The cost of remote server administration is determined individually depending on the amount and complexity of the work.
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Full Administration of your server
Order administration
Our Benefits
  • 24x7 Service
  • Cost-effective
  • Professional
  • Data protection
  • One person can not maintain your equipment without sleep or rest, while we guarantee 24x7 your server monitoring services. Any time our team of more than 20 professionals will assist in troubleshooting any arising issues.
  • Getting a professional server administrator is rather problematic and expensive. With HQHOST your outsourcing experience can be wonderful and cost-effective. Save your time and money with our technical administrators.
  • When working with one technical administrator, you can’t be sure this person is an expert in all areas. With HQHOST you could use the collective knowledge of the entire office and their combined experience. We have been helping our clients since 2001 and we’ve managed to gather profound server administration experience that we are ready to offer you.
  • We have developed the strictest security standards in working with clients’ data. You can be sure that all your information, content, databases, and other sensitive information is securely protected.