Dedicated Servers

Our Benefits
  • Flexibility
  • Convenience
  • Guarantees
  • Reliability
  • Various Server Configuration
    We work directly with hardware providers, so we can provide any currently available on the market server configuration, ranging from the low-end to the high-end Atom Blade and Cloud systems.
    Individual Approach
    Despite the fact that we currently have more than 10,000 customers , our main principal is to use the individual approach dealing with clients. We will offer a fully customized solution both technically and financially.
  • Grace Period
    We will provide 10-day grace period to pay your invoices, during this time all the services will be provided to you in full s to pay the bills , during which you will be provided services in full without any restrictions.
    Free Setup
    We will offer a free setup of your server and assist you with migration of your projects from another provider.

    Server Management
    We will provide you with 24x7 remote access to your server via IPMI.
    Technical Support 24x7x365
    You can contact our technical support team via ICQ, Jabber, Skype or e-mail 24x7, as well as via helpdesk.
  • Server Part Replacement
    We guarantee no question replacement of faulty parts of your server within 48 hours at max.
    99,999% Uptime
    We guarantee 99,999% uptime for your virtual server , otherwise we will make up for it according to our Agreement. It's very simple.
    Moneyback Guarantee
    We guarantee 100% no question moneyback during the period of 30 days from the moment you have signed up with us.
    Server Replacement Warranty
    We guarantee 24- hour replacement of the server if an emergency arises.
  • Servers
    We provide Supermicro server solutions, we do not use desktop computers , used or refurbished equipment in our work.
    Our system administrators monitor clients' servers 24x7 and are always ready to troubleshoot any server issues.
    To ensure maximum uptime and low latency, we have blended several networks using a bgp4 protocol - Level3, Highwinds and AboveNet, so if any of the networks is experiencing downtime, the traffic will be routed via 2 other providers.
    To ensure maximum uptime, we have built the basic core of our network using two Cisco 7600 redundant routers.