We are a team of professionals sharing a common goal - to create and deliver quality web-hosting service.
We’ve been in the marketing for more than 12 years
During this time we have come a long way from a small group of colleagues to the company with more than 30 employees.
Every day we face all sorts of professional challenges, making expert decisions and obtaining a huge experience. We improve our expertise in the area of maintaining and improving complex hosting infrastructure, optimizing it for speed and redundancy.
Our main objective is to provide quality hosting services. We put emphasis on quality of the services and individual approach to each client’s needs. It sets us apart from other web hosting companies and attracts such clients as financial companies, VOIP –providers and game server companies.
Not looking for short-term profits we ensure maximum uptime for your websites. That’s the reason many of our customers have been with us since 2001.
Maximum uptime of your websites
Many companies provide web hosting services in the pursuit of revenue switched from server hardware to desktop systems designed for office usage, others go for refurbished network equipment.
All this reduces the resilience of individual equipment as well as redundancy of the whole infrastructure, while we choose only.
Not looking for short-term profits we ensure maximum uptime for your websites. That’s the reason many of our customers have been with us since 2001.

Equipment from the best industry providers
That's why we only use equipment from the best manufacturers:
  • Dell - Dell Rack 4210 42U Rack with Doors and Side Panels
  • APC – Power distribution units AP7932 and AP7930
  • Cisco - Cisco 7604 Routers, Switches Cisco2960 and Cisco3560
  • Supermicro – INTEL-based servers
We constantly monitor the market for new server hardware and update our equipment at least once every two years.
We have chosen maximal uptime of clients’ websites as our main goal. With this in mind we were choosing our datacenter.
1. Reliability
Telx has Tier 3 level of certification. This means that there are several lines of power and cooling distribution, and all engineering systems once are redundant. In contrast to Tier 1 and Tier 2 certified facilities, any repairs (including replacement of system components, adding and removing of faulty equipment) can be performed on the live without stopping the entire infrastructure.
Our data center has proven it can survive even in the force majeure circumstances. Downtime during force majeures is a valid excuse for a provider, but this won’t help a lot to clients, as their businesses are experiencing considerable losses. Thinking of this, we tried to minimize the outcomes of force majeures for our clients. More information about the reliability of the chosen data center here.

2. Location and Facility Specs
Data center is located just 11 miles from New York City and you, as our customer, you can get direct access to financial data exchange networks such as SFTI, BATS, ARCA and others.
Proximity to New York is proximity to European service providers located in the New York data centers, as well as transatlantic providers, which gives almost zero delay connection to Europe and the European part of Russia.

3. Security and Access Control
It’s impossible to get into the Data center if you are not authorized. There are several levels of security and access control.
Any visitor should:
  • be put on the access list;
  • bypass two guard post: the first one entering the building, the second one - at the entrance of the cage where the equipment is installed;
  • complete fingerprint authentication or have any document confirming his identity;
  • bypass multiple video cameras;
For you as a customer, it is important that your site is not only constantly available, but opens and loads quickly.

1. Routers
To ensure the maximum uptime, we have built the basic core of our network on two redundant Cisco routers 7600
From the one side the routers are connected to the main rack switches (Cisco series 35xx and 29xx), on the side the routers are connected to our network providers by 10Gbs uplinks.

2. Network Providers
When selecting network providers, we focus on the quality of their network connection to ensure the fast load time for your websites. That is why we work with Level3, Zayo (former AboveNet) and Highwinds.
3. Network Configuration
To provide low latency, flexibility and reliability we transmit your data over the network based on BGP4 protocol.

4. DDoS Protection
Since 2001, we have experienced hundreds of DDoS attacks. Once the max size was 5 -7 Mbs, now adays attacks are measured in Gbs. Our network infrastructure has been rebuilt multiple times for 12 years and each time we focus on antiDDoS protection and minimizing negative consequences for the whole network if the individual client’s sites are attacked.
Besides the hardware part, our experts have developed software protection against DDoS attacks.
Our Network Scheme

Our tech staff is well trained in English, has vast technical expertise. They will quickly answer your questions and find an approach to even the most demanding customers.

24-Hour Technical Support
For many clients, the quality of hosting is determined by speed , professionalism and responsiveness of technical support.
For any time of the day or night we give 20-minute time guarantee. Here at HQHOST there ‘s a group of professional system administrators and you could use their collective knowledge 24x7.
Unlike companies that outsource system administration and give access to clients’ data to freelancers (in the pursuit of cost reduction more than half of the hosting companies do it), all of our employees in in-house working from the same office. We guarantee you safety and confidentiality of your customer data.