Best place
for your servers


  • Space
  • Power
  • Bandwidth
  • Port
  • IP-address
  • Setup fee
  • Monthly Fee
1 U
  • 1 U
  • 1 Amp
  • 5 Mbs
  • 100 Mbs
  • 1
  • -
  • $75.00
¼ Cabinet
  • 10 U
  • 10 Amp
  • 10 Mbs
  • 1 Gbs
  • 4
  • -
  • $450.00
½ Cabinet
  • 20 U
  • 15 Amp
  • 50 Mbs
  • 1 Gbs
  • 8
  • -
  • $950.00
Full Cabinet
  • 40 U
  • 20 Amp
  • 100 Mbs
  • 1 Gbs
  • 32
  • -
  • $1550.00
Our Benefits
  • Data center
  • Network
  • Insfrastructure
  • Our Team
  • We will collocate your equipment in one of the most reliable data centers on the US east coast TelX. Our facility is Tier 3 accredited. This means that there are several lines of power and cooling distribution and redundant engineering systems.
    Our data center is one of the few that managed to survive in Hurricane Sandy. Before moving to TelX we were considering several locations, and TelX facility was the best solution. On the one hand, it’s within the close proximity to New York City (15 minutes’ drive), on the other hand, it’s a quiet and safe area, outside 100 year flood plain. Duplex Control in the data center guarantees protection of your equipment from any infringement.
  • For more than 12 years we have been working in the sphere of web hosting. When choosing a web hosting provider one of the main factors is the network providers, as the network load, high-latency, slowly reacting technicians all this adds up and creates an overall impression of the services you receive from a web hosting provider. With this in mind we have to three Premium providers Zayo, Level3, and Highwinds..
    These three network providers make our fully redundant bgp4-based network. If one of the network experiences downtime, traffic is automatically switched to an alternative provider, using BGP4 protocol. The internal structure of our network is fully redundant. Externally providers’s uplinks are connected to 2 main Cisco- routers in their turn connected to end-user Cisco switches.
  • All our equipment meets industry standards. Our network infrastructure is based on Cisco 7604, Cisco 2960 and Cisco 3560 routers. If you order a Full Cabinet, you could either use our equipment or bring your own. If a need arises, we can offer you server components for temporary problems related to your servers. We can also help in purchasing hardware in the United States.
  • To take care of the clients’ hardware and troubleshoot any issues in the datacenter, we use our own technical staff that is available 24x7 in the datacenter and network operations center (NOC). You do not need to come to the datacenter personally, just send us a server and our staff will install it and configure it.